Aspect ratio / Formats

Aspect ratios describe the shape of the screen in regards to the width by the height, and choosing which format best suits the end user is a crucial decision.

The commonly used ratio formats are AV Square, Video 4:3, HDTV 16:9, with Cinemascope 2.35:1 and 16:10 formats.

Being a manufacturer BIGVUE can make any screen format required.

Video 4:3

Format is the standard shape in most commercial environments where the projection of data is the primary aim. Most computer monitors are in Video 4:3 format.
4 Units W x 3 Units H

HDTV 16:9

This format is the standard shape for all widescreen TVs and commonly used by DVD movie discs for widescreen displays, so this format is most suitable for DVD movie watchers.
16 Units W x 9 Units H


A newly created format that has become popular with laptop manufacturers for their LCD screens, and due to the change in their graphic output, projector manufacturers are releasing 16:10 chipped projectors for commercial environments.
16 Units W x 10 Units H

Cinemascope 2.35:1

A long standing commercial theatre format, with the release of anamorphic lens technology allowing standard projectors to display a Cinemascope image, this dedicated movie format has recently entered the mainstream home theatre scene.
2.35 Units W x 1 Units H